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Equity Release Durham

Equity Release Durham – Unlock the equity in your home. Get in touch for a free initial consultation, without obligation.


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Equity Release Durham

Equity Release in Durham & Surrounding Areas – Allowing You To Have The Retirement You Deserve!

If you’re looking to release equity within your home and you’re over 55 we can help! You could release up to 60% of your property equity, stay in your home as long as you need and not have to worry about any monthly payments.

Equity release allows you to unlock some of the value of your home, turning it into a tax-free, cash lump-sum. We offer a lifetime mortgage. It’s essentially a long-term loan that’s repaid using your home once you pass away or require long-term care. Until then, you’ll remain a homeowner and won’t need to move out

Get in touch today to arrange a FREE consultation and let us take the hard work and stress out of equity release!


What is equity release?

Equity release is a way of releasing equity from your home as a tax-free cash lump sum.

What is the process?

We’ll want to have an initial chat to fill a fact find out, research the best product for you, make a recommendation, apply for a product and accept the offer, and then complete the process.

*Please note that this process is not standard and may well vary between clients.


How long does it take?

While it varies case-to-case, the time scale is typically around 10 weeks.

Why could you use equity release for?

Release funds



Treat yourself


Home improvements

Equity Release Durham

Equity Release in Durham – About Later Life Money

We offer a no obligation home visit and face to face advice (in normal circumstances) to ensure you are fully informed and happy before any decisions are made. We are a local company serving local people.

We always encourage family involvement as part of the process where appropriate. We also offer holistic service on care home fees, immediate needs annuities and care home fees; wills and trusts are also available.

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Adviser Profile

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We’d love to speak to you!

If you’d like to speak to us about the possibilty of equity release in the Durham area, or further away, please get in touch today by clicking below….

This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks please ask for a personalised illustration. Our typical advice fee is £995. A lifetime mortgage may impact your entitlement to means tested benefits and the inheritance you may leave. Plan availability is subject to lenders’ criteria and dependent on their terms and conditions.